Before reporting this issue to our support team, please read the questions below.
1. Check your sample rate, does it match the sample rate in the control panel of your audio interface?
     Figure 1: Preferences and Control Panel

2. Are you using a recommended buffer size? Buffers that are too small can cause glitches from high CPU and buffers that are too large can cause latency.
     Figure 2: Recommended Buffer Size

3. Is the problem common to all tracks? If not, it could be a VST issue. Please report VST issues in the VST category of this troubleshooting section.

4. Are the metronome and file preview features working correctly?
     Figure 3: Metro Preview

5. Does the audio in question have the same issues when played from a media player? Audio files used in a project can be found in that project folder.
     Figure 4: Session and Folder

If you have determined the answer to be “yes” for all of these and the problem persists, contact us at [email protected]