RitMix: Drum Machine Release Notes


RitMix: Drum Machine release notes describe the new features and bug fixes of each release.
RitMix: Drum Machine 1.1.0 BETA


  • Offline mode added, identical to the one from SoundBridge.
  • Login dialogue updated.
  • RitMix’s sequencer can now follow tempo changes from the host.
  • Enable/Disable buttons on the send effects (Reverb / Delay) now mute those effects.
  • Normalize button moved to allow for better control of the envelopes.
  • VST2 is discontinued, we will provide VST3 and AU versions of RitMix.
  • Logging in with one instance of RitMix will log in all active RitMix instances.
  • Envelope points and their convexity curves are now controllable from their graphical representation in the waveform window.
  • Loop markers moved out of the Waveform window.
  • Time ruler added above the waveform window.
  • Clicking the RitMix logo opens its web manual.
  • Dialogue added when trying to replace a kit in the favorites list with an unsaved kit. 


  • BPM light now indicates beats when in Sync Host mode.
  • Sequencer lengths are now taken into account when Drag MIDI Out is used.
  • Nudge buttons disabled when in Sync Host mode.
  • Soundtouch libraries updated which improves pitch changing.
  • Accidental double triggering of the internal sequencer on loop around playback is resolved.
  • When Sync Host is disabled the playback status is completely disconnected from the host.
  • Deactivating a sequencer link will no longer change the sequencer view.
  • Textbox input on macOS has been improved.
  • Color differentiation is improved for each new linked pad group.
  • Clear Solo / Mute no longer affects locked pads.
  • BPM Light behavior improved.
  • Output channel names in RitMIx are now renamed to resemble their names in the host DAW.
  • Login window would show on every open on macOS even with the “Remember Me” box checked.
  • In some cases the envelope in the Edit view would not update if the pad was selected from the Edit view directly.
  • Knob display bug on macOS resolved.
  • Decimator renamed to Downsample.
  • Decay point used to be incorrectly displayed when at zero value.
  • Ritmix now works properly in Cubase.
  • Recorded internal sequence is now immediately visible.