SoundBridge: DAW Release Notes
SoundBridge: DAW release notes describe the new features and bug fixes of each release.
SoundBridge: DAW 2.0.1 BETA


Fixed minor text issues in Preferences.
Fixed being unable to drag & drop multiple audio files on macOS.
Fixed a crash related to comped recordings.
Fixed a crash when plugins are missing.
Fixed freeze and export loop crash.
Fixed shortcut problems when keyboard language is non-English.
Fixed SoundBridge not receiving the space bar when a VST instrument is in focus while using the virtual keyboard.
Fixed audio track output routing to another audio track.
Fixed color of the input level meter.
Fixed the graphical representation of the clip indicator in the mixers.
Fixed macOS installer authentication.
Fixed macOS Catalina/Big Sur compatibility.
Fixed mini mixer collapse issue.
Fixed manual latency error when changing units from samples to ms.

SoundBridge: DAW 2.0.0 BETA


Added phase flip switch per track.
Added convexity parameter to automation lines.
Added Virtual MIDI Keyboard.
Added Plugin Delay Compensation.
Added time offset control per track.
Audio driver buffer settings improved.
Added volume automation within audio blocks.
Added a global bypass switch for all inserts on a track.
Removed the “Full Rescan” button from the plugin browser.
Added possibility to control content inside a collapsed group track.
Return track automation is now visible and can be manipulated even when collapsed.
Track content is now shown in the automation editor.
Playhead in the editors now syncs and controls the main playhead.
Solo/Mute behavior re-worked.
Added numbered markers for the sequencer.
Punch-in/out now controls the monitoring state of an armed audio track.
Pressing CTRL while starting SoundBridge resets the GUI and VST preferences.
Added automatic audio recording latency compensation.
Added audio recording latency offset.
Added possibility of creating a default channel strip.
Added possibility of restoring GUI to defaults.
Added a switch to disable free-floating GUI widgets.
Option for newly loaded plugins to automatically open GUI.
Added incremental save.
Sequencer and Mixer views synced and connected.
Selecting multiple groups will collapse all of them once one is collapsed.
Added a clipping indicator in the mixer and tracklist.
Added note markings for the currently highlighted note in the MIDI editor.
Added the ability to mute more than one block at a time in the sequencer.
Added the ability to import more than one audio file at a time.
Browser widget can now be expanded horizontally even more.
Improved block naming.
Improved file naming.
CTRL+L now places a loop that encompasses the selected content in the sequencer.
Pressing the right arrow on your keyboard will replay the selected audio in the browser.
Pressing the “Stop” button while playback is stopped will return the playhead to the beginning of the project.
Added possibility to create group tracks inside group tracks.
Added an empty track space under all tracks in the sequencer.
Added sidechain for VST2 and VST3 effects that support it.
Added option to disable time-stretching on audio tracks.
When deleting a plugin in the insert rack, the next plugin is selected.
CTRL+click on arm track button disarms all other armed tracks.
Improved button visibility in the mixer and mini-mixer.
Added an icon to mark stereo/mono audio tracks.
Gridlines are now visible on top of audio content in the audio editor.
Notes played using the computer keyboard are displayed.


Fixed Noise Gate crash.
Removed automation for sends on the master track.
Fixed automation types for some plugins.
Fixed presence of artifacts in the exported audio when tempo automation is used.
Fixed bug where muted regions would become unmuted when the cut tool was used on them.
Fixed bug where a crash would occur when moving a VST plugin from a track to a return track.
Fixed the appearance of the fade shape selector buttons in the audio editor.
Fixed bug where the scrollbar was missing in the VST Browser.
Fixed bug where the sequencer would scroll to the beginning of the timeline by itself.
Plugins on frozen tracks can’t be deleted anymore.
Fixed waveform display when changing gain on a looped audio block.
Fixed naming of automation lanes.
Fixed MIDI section appearance in Preferences.
Fixed monitoring of sends.
Various Tutorial corrections and updates.
Default MIDI input now set to “All” by default.
Fixed color of tracks frozen in place.
Fixed missing scroll bar in the plug-in browser.