We all got used to applying equalizers, compressors and different LP/HP filters to the drum loops and drums in general. However sometimes, if not always, being creative really pays off. Applying multiple effects on drum loop is fun, but recently I came across a cool way to make your drum loops “talk,” and I will show it to you in the next tutorial.


Comb filter


The core effect of this tutorial is the comb filter. In signal processing, a comb filter is a filter implemented by adding a delayed version of a signal to itself, causing constructive and destructive interference. Furthermore, the frequency response of a comb filter consists of a series of regularly spaced notches, giving the appearance of a comb.


Spice up your drum loop


In our SoundBridge: DAW, I have previously made a short loop which contains a percussion drum loop on which I will apply the comb filtering. So, let’s listen to this percussion loop unprocessed.



~Percussion Loop – Unprocessed


MComb by Melda Productions


For comb filter effect I have chosen MComb by Melda Productions, but there are other alternatives out there which you can use. Let’s get to know the interface of the MComb a bit.



The Interface


In the top part of the interface, we can see the dry/wet and output sections. Additionally, below are four independent filters, each containing the same parameters. Furthermore, the bottom part is reserved for the graphical representation of the filters. Graph editor includes a graphical representation of the filters. Each point is one filter. The horizontal position is its frequency, and the vertical position is its feedback. What’s more, the horizontal pull-bar controls its panorama, and the vertical pull-bar controls its gain.

Additionally, if you click on the vertical panel named “Meters & Subsystems“ you’ll enter the sub-menu which contains a useful metering system as well as modulation routing paths.

So, I have worked on this preset and modulated the frequency and the feedback of the Filter 2. If you click on “MOD 1” there is a new part of the interface popping up which is containing LFO. Envelope and other controls needed for the automatization of the Filter 2 parameters.



Having set all 4 filter sections on different stages let’s engage and listen to them one by one until we reach the full effect.


~Percussion Loop – MComb Filter 1

~Percussion Loop – MComb Filter 2

~Percussion Loop – MComb Filter 3

~Percussion Loop – MComb Filter 4


In the end, let’s listen to our processed drum loop in the contents of the full sequence with other elements in the mix.


~Full Mix


Download the project here.