Very useful multi-effect processors have emerged in the software market in recent years. These can alter guitar sounds in truly unique and creative ways. With that in mind, we will show you how to use a finalizer effect to enhance the sound of your guitar in the following tutorial.

As usual, we prepared a short sequence in our SoundBridge: DAW. It includes most of the major elements of a full mix. Let’s take listen to it.

This is a screenshot of my mix before applying the UJAM Finisher Voodoo effect on guitar sequence.

~Full Mix – Guitar (Unprocessed)

As you can hear in the audio example above, the guitar sequence in the overall mix sounds rather dry and boring. Let’s hear it again solo.

This is a screenshot of the guitar sequence audio channel and its audio block.
~Guitar Sequence – Solo (Unprocessed)

Voodoo finisher effect

Instead of using a chain of single effects to process this guitar sequence, we’ll use a finalizer effect. Among other similar plugins available on the market, we chose UJAM Finisher’s Voodoo. Let’s take a closer look at its interface.

This is a screenshot of SoundBridge: DAW sequencer and close-up on the 
2 UJAM Finisher Voodoo interfaces with different settings applied on the guitar sequence.

UJAM Finisher Voodoo may not appear to be very sophisticated at first glance, but the sound it produces proves that there is a lot going on “under the hood”. We found some presets that appear to be meticulously programmed with a variety of delays, granulators, distortions, etc.

While Voodoo does not provide much room for the user to create their own sounds, its presets are performance-ready and actually sound great. We’ve loaded two instances of the plugin in this case. The first introduces amp, tremolo, and spring reverb to the guitar sequence, while the second adds fuzz distortion and filter modulation. Let’s hear how our guitar sequence sounds processed with these effects.

~Guitar Sequence – Solo (Processed With UJAM Finisher Voodoo)

As you can hear, now the guitar has a lot of color and character. Let’s hear this in the context of the full mix.

~Full Mix – Guitar (Processed With UJAM Finisher Voodoo)

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