Frequency Shifter raises or lowers the frequency of an input signal using a complex amplitude modulation-like technique. Unlike the pitch shifter, it does not preserve the harmonic relationships between the various tones and harmonics in the input signal. In the next tutorial, we will show you how to widen your drum loops with a Frequency Shifter.


So, we have already made a short sequence in SoundBridge: DAW which contains some basic elements like kick drum, bassline, and a drum loop. Here is how it sounds.


~Full mix – Unprocessed 



MFreq Shifter by Melda


By looking at the picture above you will see that the drum loop channel is placed on the top. We will, therefore, start to process it by adding an instance of a frequency shifter effect to it. For this tutorial, we will use MFreq Shifter effect by Melda, but you can use any other with more/less same parameters to control.





As you can see from the picture above, the frequency shifter effect has a set of parameters in the top part of the interface, and we will deal with some of them. Therefore, we can see Dry/Wet, Shift, Width, Feedback, and Delay parameters. The most important is the Shift which actually allows frequency shifting. We found that the frequency somewhere around 327 Hz resonates with the root key of the track, so we will set it on that value. Next, it will be useful to increase the Feedback parameter a bit in order to add some short delay.



~Drum Loop – Unprocessed

~Drum Loop – Processed With FS


Stereo spreading


With the next step, we will actually start spreading the stereo spectrum of our drum loop. In order to do that, we will duplicate the channel of our drum loop containing the same frequency shifter effect. Furthermore, we will pan first and second channel to hard left and right and finish it by dialing the Shift parameter on the second channel to -327 Hz, with a slight difference of feedback value.



Audio examples


Consequently, let us hear again how the unprocessed drum loop sounds in comparison with a processed doubled version with a frequency shifter.


~Drum Loop – Unprocessed

~Drum Loop – Processed Doubled With FS


Finally, let’s compare the full mix without and with the Frequency Shifter on the drum loop.


~Full mix – Unprocessed 

~Full mix – With Processed Drum loop