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Today, there are lots of online music distribution options available for independent artists. However, there is also a need to promote the music you distribute as well. My band MODERN8, consisting of Hugo Lino and myself (Goran Toprek), is in need of good promotional tools.

We’ve recently stumbled upon a service called Artist Republik. This is a service devoted to making it easy and affordable for independent artists to distribute and promote their music all from one place. We gave it a try and found that using all the aggregated services is very straightforward and hassle-free as you will see below.

Distribute Your Music

Firstly, distributing with Artist Republik gets you in all the right places: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Beatport, Tidal, Juno, Dubset, Saavan, SoundCloud, Anghami, Orfium, Pandora, Traxsource, Musica, Deezer, Kanjian. Amazon. KKBox, iHeart, Orfiumftp, 7Digital, Opkix, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited, YouTube Music.

Their digital distribution offer is very affordable compared to the competition as well:

  • $5 for a single
  • $7 for a Mixtape/EP
  • $11 for an album

Also, they allow you to keep 100% of the profits and provide very responsive support. Note, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good customer support with these distributors to clarify the numbers and understand what’s going on! MODERN8 will definitely be using this service for our next release.

Independent artists can distribute their music.

Distribute your songs as an independent artist.

Grow Your Audience

As we mentioned above, one of the most necessary things to do along with proper distribution is effective promotion. For this, Artist Republik gives you access to a variety of promotional tools.

For instance, we opted to invest some budget into expanding our listener base. Artist Republik allowed us to do this in a couple of ways, and thus we managed to create promotional campaigns to expand our Spotify and SoundCloud follower base. This will come in handy once a new single is available for streaming because all of these new followers will be pinged about the release.

Independent artists can grow their fanbase.

To check it out we decided on a small test amount of $20 for Spotify and an equal amount for SoundCloud growth.

Depending on the bid settings and quality of music the results may vary, but we gained the following:

  • 348 new SoundCloud followers, all real people, and none of those fake accounts, by bidding $0.05.
  • 193 new Spotify followers by bidding $0.10.

Check out this Spotify Follower Growth Graph for the time period we invested the $20:

Independent artists can grow their Spotify followers.

Source: MODERN8 Spotify Follower Growth Chart

As you can see, we were pretty flat until we used Artist Republik’s growth tools.

Get Your Music in Curated Playlists

The Curator Hub lets us submit our Spotify track to various curated playlists for consideration. Quite frankly, you can never be on too many playlists, especially if they have devoted followers. Getting your music in front of as many listeners as possible is the best way to get true new fans.

Independent artists can get their music in curated playlists.

Get your music in curated playlists.

We submitted a song of ours that is already on Spotify called “Wake Up!” to two of the playlists listed on Artist Republik. Our submission got approved for one playlist track while the other one declined our song. Which was actually a nice thing to see. This shows us that not everyone who pays a fee of $1 gets into the playlist. That kind of playlist would be useless as anyone could get in no matter the music quality and style. Bottom line: these playlists really are curated.

Here are our results:

Independent artists can get submit their music to playlists.

Wake Up!’s Playlist Results

Distribute Your Press Release

Looking around through other services offered we noted we can promote our release with a press publication. Artist Republik offers coverage on numerous blogs, radio stations, and publications. The choices vary from affordable to downright excessive – but hey, if you want to go large, you can!

Independent artists can release press releases.

Release press releases.

Order Custom Stickers

Moving forward, we opted to print some stickers with the band logo, another one of Artist Republik’s cool offers. Having something like this to hand out at a party can be a great promotional tool.

Independent artists can order customized stickers.

Order customized stickers.

Artist Republik Is a Home for Independent Artists

In conclusion, Artist Republik offers some of the most important services we need as independent artists and more services are coming. For example, the company is currently working on social media promotional tools. Overall, we encourage you to give Artist Republik a try! The company is hustling and offering new services every two weeks – so stay tuned!